This piece is a mechanical keyboard with illuminated LEDs and fully modeled switches, rendered in Blender Cycles. It is available for purchase here.

Programs Used: Blender, Headus UV Layout, Substance Painter, Substance Designer

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Randal Kayne

Randal Kayne is a mage-hunter warlock who used to be a man of the cloth. He forsook the ways of the righteous and devoted himself to the darkness in exchange for the power to rescue the ones he loved.

Woodland Spirits

Woodland Spirits is a mystical tavern within an elven city. It boasts a staff trained in the druidic arts who cultivate a magical glowing fruit that illuminates the dining hall. Located in a cellar in the legal district, Woodland Spirits offers a cozy, high-end dining experience to the nobility as well as any adventurer with…

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