About Me


Welcome to the portfolio website of 3D artist and game designer Joshua Wood.  I thoroughly enjoy both the artistic and technical sides of game development, and am very interested in the ability of video games to create compelling experiences unlike any other medium.  In order to pursue my love of games as a career, I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and acquired a BFA in Interactive Design and Game Development.

I also have quite the love and fascination for tabletop RPGs. I often spend my free time designing systems, crafting encounters, and creating worlds for my players to experience. During my senior year as a student at SCAD, I served as the president of Gamer’s Guild, a student run club for traditional tabletop games and RPGs. Overall, it is my passion to craft fun, entertaining, and moving experiences for all to enjoy.

Feel free to browse my portfolio, view my résumé, or visit my LinkedIn page!