This piece is a digital sculpt of my first ever Dungeons and Dragons character: Fintan, the illegitimate son of an elven noble.

Programs Used: ZBrush



For the initial concept sketch, I experimented with a somewhat regal color palette.  While I had always envisioned the character wearing green attire, I felt a deep purple and gold would help contribute to the idea of royalty.  However, as you can see, I went back to my instincts with the green as the project progressed.FintanConcept(logo)Eventually the project reached a midway-point where I made some distinct decisions about where the model was going.  The most notable among these, I toned down the wrinkles on the pants and ditched the cape entirely. FintanRenders(Midterm)After making these modifications, it was time to add the finer details. FintanRenderTexture bootsAnd then it was time to paint! FintanProgress3 FintanProgress4 Final Render