This ambulatory is an imagining of a sci-fi temple constructed using human technology. In many science fiction films and games, ornate temples filled with alien artifacts are a common trope. However, humans are often represented as having dark, dirty technology that prioritizes function over form. This ambulatory imagines what a futuristic human temple would look like if constructed as ornately as the alien temple tropes, borrowing motifs both from modern science fiction, and from ancient Armenian churches.

Programs Used: Maya, Headus UVLayout, Photoshop, Quixel, Unreal Engine 4



While I wanted to base the room on an ambulatory as a way of accenting the starmap in the center, I did not want to go with a traditional floor plan. Instead, I decided to base the floor plan on a model of a four-dimensional cube to accent the scientific awareness of the people who constructed this building.  I used the cube as a base for the blockout, first placing pillars at each intersection, and then constructing arches along the connecting lines.


I made the initial blockout in Unreal before exporting it to Maya to begin constructing the modular pieces.  After those were in place, I then began establishing basic lighting for the scene.  The initial concept was to make the scene ruined and filled with rubble, so the blockout features masses intended to represent that, but as the project progressed, I decided on taking a cleaner approach, and those were removed.


After lighting was established, I began texturing the work and adding varying levels of complexity to the environment.

It went through several rough passes.

But it began to take shape as the vision for the project took a more final form.